Jan 8, 2012

Nick Wooster

 Nick Wooster, Men's Fashion Director for Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman. I love this man, he gives straight up edgyness with his amazing tattoos. He also gives complete professionalism in such a gentlemen way. His style is impecable with tailored pieces that fit just right and just make him look like a well dressed man. He makes being a Fashion Director look like a complete breeze.

    "It is so absolutely shocking to me," Wooster told GQ. "I am just an old midget queen who, you know, had the good fortune to get this job and it's like, 'How did that happen?' It's very, very flattering. I guess I know how to dress myself, and that's probably the only thing I can do, so it's nice that somebody notices."

Mr. Nick Wooster is definitely one of my Fashion Icon's. I just hope to meet him the future and tell him " Thank you so much for just being you".

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