Jun 14, 2012

Cupcake Mafia

Cupcake Mafia is soon to be taking the world by storm with its amazing t-shirt designs. I recently went to the launch party to celebrate Cupcake Mafia which was a blast. Cupcake Mafia was created by 3 young women that wanted to bring other women together all over the world. It's based in Cleveland, Ohio as well as New York and Atlanta. Cupcaake Mafia is very different from anything I've seen its Street Chic with edge. What is Cupcake Mafia's ultimate goal? To be a brand that will eventually take over the world, at least the fashion world. To open Cupcake Mafia’s boutique and bakery stores around the USA. One thing about Cupcake Mafia is that its a lifestyle brand not just a clothing line! I see nothing but greatness ahead for Cupcake Mafia and I'm a full supporter of this great brand. To see women come together and do something positive is always great and inspiring. Check out the site below and everything else!  Support a wonderful brand!!



  1. WOW DOPE ARTICLE!!! THANKS SO MUCH cupcake Mafia loves you!!!
    xoxo Cupcake Mafia

    1. So welcome!!! Love Cupcake Mafia and I'm a huge supporter!


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