Jul 11, 2012


I've recently fallen in love with great music with true meaning. Artist like Frank Ocean, Lana Del Rey, Azealia Banks, Jhene Aiko and Yuna. Yuna is truly special with a gifted voice. I would hear her music everywhere I went from school, to work, everywhere. I had to find out who this person was and when I did it was special. Yunalis Zarai, the gifted 25 year old from Malaysia. Music is one of the most powerful forces of unification. It has the power to heal, the power to help, the power to inspire, and the power to change. Yuna understands the importance of music and has the ability to write songs that transcend any and all boundaries. With her soft vocals and warm acoustic guitar, this singer-songwriter crafts intriguing and infectious ruminations on life, love, and so much more. "Live Your Life" and "Lullabies" are some of my fave songs from her. They speak so much to me. I'm warning you one listen to Yuna and your hooked. So beautiful and I love that she doesn't forget where she comes from.

Check out her video for "Live Your Life" below so amazing.   


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