Sep 4, 2012

Whitney Port

Whitney Port, the Whitney Eve girl: very colorful, print-heavy, eclectic, and effortless. I've been a huge fan since her days of The Hills and The City, and throughout the continued success of her ever-expanding line, Whitney Eve. I've always loved her easy breezy style and love for simplicity. I was in envy of her when she got the chance to work for Diane Von Furstenburg my favorite designer. Whitney has gained major experience in the fashion industry, from being an intern at Teen Vogue to a P.R. girl at People’s Revolution, to working at a major fashion house. To see her work extremely hard and how everyone saw her drive was inspiring. It never came off fake or over the top, Whitney loves fashion and we know it. Whitney EVE is such a huge success and I adore it. Whitney is just a pure example of what hard work and experience will get you. To your dreams!

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