Dec 15, 2012

The Voice: Yuna

The 25-year-old, whose full name is Yuna Zarai, has already built an international following. I've been so in love with her music for about a year now. She has of the most beautiful voices in the world. Her debut album just hit the U.S. charts and has mass reviews. The self titled CD is gaining critical acclaim all over the world. Her Facebook page has well over a million fans. Yuna is not your typical pop star, she says people know who she is when she walks down the street in Malaysia. She's a household name in her home country, where she's the face of Canon, Samsung and Oil of Olay. Yuna wears the hijab head scarf of her Islamic faith. Yuna's music has truly touched my heart and she is so gifted. One day I hope I can see her perform and tell her that her music has changed my life. I'm so inspired by her. Malaysia shall be proud.


1 comment

  1. hey! she came from where I was born! :)
    she's truly an inspiring person!


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