Jan 20, 2013

H.E.R. Threads


Lauren and Courtney Warwick are two amazing sisters from Los Angeles, California with one passion called HER Threads. H.E.R. means Hip Hop, in its Essence, is Real. Lauren is a super stylish and flashy style maven. She does all the styling for the shoots , and finds most of the vintage pieces for the site. Courtney handles the creative aspects from doing all the photography and creating the website. Two amazing divas and two dope mothers. Together they display personal individuality among the constant evolution of trends. They are so inspiring and so true to themselves. I'm a full supporter of what they do and I rock my H.E.R. threads hat proudly and confident. Get your one of kind threads at HERthreads.com and now for the fellas there are awesome vintage pieces as well!

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