Mar 4, 2013

Michaela Angela Davis the Image Activist

       Culture critic and writer Michaela Angela Davis is an Image Activist. The former magazine editor of Honey and fashion editor for Essence, she always stays true. Davis is a beautiful woman who I've always looked up to. She is so powerful in her words and rocks a fro like no other. Davis is developing an online magazine and television show, and a documentary film and book exploring race, gender, beauty and identity. She serves on the board of Black Girls Rock!, Imagenation, The Brooklyn Community Arts and Media High School, and conducts her own monthly career-mentoring program called Salon de Shine. She regularly speaks on campuses and in the community. She is currently working an a novel called “The Revolution of Happiness: A Book and Digital Conversation Project. Davis is the leader of "Mad Free," a multi-platform, multi-generational critical community conversation with revolutionary women whose work and lives serve to liberate the narrow and misinformed image of women. She also delves into why she believes that now more than ever women of color need to embrace themselves and recognize their influence on popular culture. I love everything Michaela stands for and embraces love and positivity in her life. Once I became natural my outlook on life was extremely different. I felt like I knew who I was. Loving my hair for what it is and not changing into societies standard of beauty. Thank you Michaela Angela Davis for helping me believe in myself. One day I hope to meet you.

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