Mar 14, 2013

Revealing The Roots

             I've been on this amazing journey of self-discovery and love for myself. A naturalista I call myself for the past 2 years. Once I cut my hair a few years back I felt so liberated and so in love with myself. I wasn't following the media's beauty standards but truly embracing my roots. I'm African American and so proud of my culture. I came across a wonderful self loving woman named Kayla Enigma a year ago and followed her blog Revealing the Roots. So inspiring and she is on an amazing journey as well. She helps and embraces woman to really love their natural roots. Don't be so caught up in trends and whats hot right now. Stay classic and find your own style. By having natural hair my life has changed but natural hair isn't for every woman. Just love yourself and value yourself. Be bold and be you.


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