Apr 28, 2013

The Influencer: Pharrell Williams

        Pharrell Williams holds the fountain of youth. A singer, rapper, record producer and composer as well a fashion designer, Pharrell has one inspiration human being. Along with friend Chad Hugo the musician they make up the record producing duo The Neptunes, who’s funky urban beats focus on hip hop and R&B and together with childhood friend Shay Haley, they complete the hip-hop-funk band N.E.R.D with Pharrell as the lead vocalist and drummer. I remember listening to The Neptunes when I was in 6th grade and at that point music was not ready for that. I love how today things are shifting and people understand individuality a little better. Pharrell is an innovator and a true icon in music period. He has inspired a generation and way more to come. He will never stop. Take a look at this awesome interview below, that the great Angie Martinez did with Pharrell. I am OTHER, created by Pharrell Williams, is a creative venture and way of life. We are proud to be different and believe that individuality is the new wealth.


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