May 26, 2013

Knowstyle Lifestyle

De'Andre Smith is an 19-year-old Alabama A&M University sophomore from Birmingham, Al. He's an upcoming wardrobe stylist and fashion editor. Discover The Fashion is the official site for the fashion movement KSLS which means Knowstyle Lifestyle. The KSLS Theory was a blog that De'Andre created in 2011 that reached to teenage fashion icons throughout the country. I recently got to do an interview with De'Andre and talk about his wonderful brand. Check it out below.

What motivated you to start KSLS?
DS: What made me start the fashion movement The KSLS (Knowstyle Lifestyle) was my hometown Birmingham, Alabama. Coming from Alabama you really don't hear much about fashion, so I took upon myself to do something about it. It's so many kids that wanted to be apart of something positive so the support for the movement boosted really fast.
                                                 Who are your top three fashion muses?
DS: It's so many, but my top three are Solange, her Complex magazine spread gave me life. Rihanna and Kanye West, of course. Kanye West is continuing to mix his Givenchy taste into the Hip-Hop industry.

                                      What sets you apart from other fashion based brands?
DS: Originality, to me a lot of fashion brands follow and make the same moves as each other. For an example, The KSLS blog section is all about the people, only time you'll probably see celebrity faces on the blog is an award show red carpet recap. We're all about showing off everyday people's looks and how creative others are.

                                                 Where do you see KSLS in ten years?
DS: In ten years I see The KSLS being represented by fashion editors, stylist, designers, and models throughout The World. Networking takes you a long way in the fashion world. The KSLS and myself has been featured on some UK and Nigeria fashion blogs. ISo anything is possible!
                                                              What inspires you?
DS: My inspirations come from almost everywhere. My clothing inspirations comes from a lot of "I wonder if..." For an example, "I wonder if this polka dot tie looks nice with this navy stripe shirt." I go through a lot of wardrobe changes. I hate labeling my fashion taste.
Thank you for the wonderful interview De'Andre and I truly see nothing but more blessings for KSLS. A brand that just wants to motivate and inspire is what I love. 


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