May 19, 2013

The OTHERS: Street Etiquette


Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs of coveted men's style blog Street Etiquette are celebrated globally for their impeccable taste. Both men have a sharp eye for classic American style, and an historian's appetite for figuring out what makes it tick.bThey also have a strong sense of place being from South Bronx. You can see backdrops of that borough's playgrounds and bodegas, as well as their impeccably dressed circle of local friends. My absolute favorite men's style blog ever. They have evolved into amazing well dressed men to fashion blog mavens (and both very handsome might I add). You want to know what The OTHERS mean?

I am OTHER, created by Pharrell Williams, is a creative venture and way of life. We are proud to be different and believe that individuality is the new wealth. This shared philosophy flows through each pillar within  music, film, television, apparel, tech and multimedia. I consider myself OTHER and I'm so proud to be unique and different.

The fashion experts discuss how different cultures, ethnicities, and landscapes from New York City to Angola have influenced their aesthetic below in this cool short documentary. Check it out my loves.


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