Jun 17, 2013

The Influencer: Kelis

       The Influencer Kelis was the original trendsetter in my generation. Kelis is no nonsense, fearless chick who screamed on tracks and dyed her hair rainbow colors.  Badass in her music and style, Kelis spawned a legion of fans when she chopped her long curls for a short cut. Her bossy attitude transferred to her anything goes style. Kelis knew the value of shock and to this day is dressing the way she wants. I remember watching her video Caught Out There when I was sixteen, and I just remember saying wow she is putting herself out there. She was shameless and never cared about what others think. I feel that she is very underrated till this day. A fearless style queen who I will always adore. She was born an influencer. Thank you Kelis for always being you no matter what and inspiring.


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