Jun 14, 2013

You Can Touch My Hair

   For most women of color, being asked "Can I touch your hair?" is irritating and uncomfortable, to say the least.  A week ago in New York City's Union Square, Antonia Opiah, founder of Un'ruly, extended an open invitation to all curious passers-by for an exhibition called "You Can Touch My Hair." Opiah was exploring the "tactile fascination" with black women's hair by gathering a trio of women with different hair textures and styles (locks, straight/weave and loose, natural hair) and allowing strangers the opportunity to fondle their follicles without the fear of being cussed out or slapped. Bedecked with signs reading "You can touch my hair," the ladies made their hair available for two hours to anyone with the courage to take them up on the offer. I loved the message behind the event but I feel that instead of putting yourself on show they should have taught people about African American hair. Its amazing to wear your real hair the way it comes out of your head , and not live up to societies way of beauty. I wish more black women wore their hair naturally but everyone has their own right to look the way they want.

Below one of my favorite natural hair vloggers Taren Guy was at the event and got some words from other women. Take a look my loves and always do you!

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