Jul 21, 2013

African Designer Anifa Mvuemba

Kenya native Anifa Mvuemba is one to watch out for. After lots of hard work and motivation from friends and family, Mvuemba launched her design label in December 2011.  Named Hanifa Mvuemba, which is Arabic for "believe", and stands as a testament of her journey.
Feminine with chic simplicity, Hanifa is a contemporary women's clothing line, featuring an array of styles, colors ,textures, and exclusive patterns that caters to a woman's body. Hanifa targets your every day hardworking, bold and beautiful woman who defines class, edge and isn't afraid to be sexy. Right up my lane and I'm loving her sense of design. The pieces arrange from $35 to $300, which are not bad for these statement pieces. They are investment pieces that will last you a long time through your style journey. I'm in love and will definitely be supporting Anifa Mvuemba.

Take a look at the beautiful Spring/Summer Collection above and for more here SHOP HANIFA


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