Jul 7, 2013

Power Africa Now

Power Africa Now is wonderful movement I've recently caught on to. Spreading images of Power, 100% of all proceeds will go towards increasing energy access in Africa. According to the World Bank, there are currently 1.4 BILLION people around the world who do not have access to electricity at all. Our goal is to help change this statistic.
Power Africa Now is an organization has two sides to it: Raise awareness on the current energy crisis in Africa and also provide immediate solutions to help alleviate the problem. The apparel will help raise awareness on energy the ongoing energy crisis across the globe and will raise money and resources in order to find viable solutions The beautiful merchandise modeled above are great pieces for any occasion. We must become the change we seek and build for our future.
Share the light, Power Your World."
You can support by continuing to spread the word to your family and friends and by purchasing the merchandise at powerafricanow.com

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