Aug 10, 2013

Honest Cowboy

 Ohio-native Stalley just released his forthcoming mixtape "Honest Cowboy". Block Beataz one of my favorite producers who has worked with Stalley with his past mixtapes. One of my favorite tracks of the mixtape is “Raise Your Weapons” produced by Block Beataz calls attention to the constant fight for justice. “We recorded the song a year ago,” says Stalley. “We had a conversation about what’s going on in our lives and the lack of substance and activism in our community.” 

The lyrics are a call to arms. A catalyst for turning complaints into a charge for what’s right. “They say I’m the last of a dying breed,” notes the rapper. “Someone who embodies the glories of success, but also embraces the failings of my path. This song is inspired by my own personal push forward, how it now parallels with larger societal trends, and a desire to want more for the people of this country.” I've always admired Stalley and his ability to stay true in his music. He's my favorite artist and I know Stalley will just continue to grow and display a message to our youth about hard work. You want real here it is. No gimmicks from us Ohio natives. All love.

Take a look below and be amazed.


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