Aug 23, 2013

My Black Is Beautiful

Imagine a Future" examines beauty and self-esteem issues that challenge black women and girls. Its such an amazing documentary that shows a young girl finding herself. Learning the truth about African American history. The media portrays what we aren't and how bad we are. We can't look at the media for guidance. She travels to South Africa and see's the amazing fossils of how the earth began. The African descent started everything. We don't learn this in school and we must educate ourselves and be aware what we are being told. My dream is to travel to South Africa and learn more about my ancestry. We have so much power and we don't know our own strength. I am truly on a journey of self love and abundance. It gets hard sometimes but I have to keep pushing. My Black is so beautiful. Check out the documentary above and share to everyone you know. Its a movement, change the conversation.


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