Sep 1, 2013

I Forgot My Phone


This touching video called I Forgot My Phone is the reality of why we are not living in the moment. I recently peeped this on UrbanBushBabes by Nikisha.  I wanted to share this as well in hopes of opening up an important message about how technology, phones, internet, has changed our lives for better and worse. It has crippled people from forming real connections and from really living in the moment.  I use my phone on a daily basis, especially being a blogger I purposely seek out balance for it everyday. I always want to share and show my journeys. but sometimes we must live in the moment. As you watch the video just peep how people around the lady are not listening nor understanding what they are doing. This generation is truly technology which is amazing but we all must learn to live in moderation. I see narcissism, ego, false identities, addiction to validation, competing, and folks getting distracted from the things that are really important. It so real and together we must learn we are enough. Join the journey of self love with me.


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