Nov 30, 2013

Influencers: The Ladies Behind Saint Heron

                                                      Saada Ahmed-Content Editor

                                                         Christina Coleman- News Editor

                                                        Elise Peterson- Music Features Editor

                                                    Marjon Carlos- Arts and Culture Editor

Diane "Shabazz" Varnie- Music News Editor
 Elise Peterson, Marjon Carlos, Saada Ahmed, Christina Coleman, and Diane “Shabazz” Varnie. The visionary ladies behind Solange's new website "Saint Heron". Saint Heron is for R&B lovers ,culture and politics. As creative director, Solange is giving her peers a platform to fuse genuinely amazing music coverage with culture from different perspectives. Beyond the amazing stories these ladies have dope personal style. Solange has surrounded herself with creative ladies that will only enhance Saint Heron and make her even more creative. I can't get enough of it and this is true inspiration.

Opening Ceremony's Mecca James Williams sat down with five of the editors last week at the Cleveland in SoHo. To get the inside stuff on where they see Saint Heron in the future.

                                                            OPENING CEREMONY BLOG

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