Feb 28, 2014

Marie MAG

   Candace Marie Stewart moved from Arkansas to New York to pursue her dreams in Editorial, Fashion and Publishing. She has interned at VOGUE and ESSENCE Magazine and recently left LUCKY Magazine as a fashion assistant.  She is now at PEOPLE Magazine. I came across this beautiful woman a few months back and I loved her style. She recently posted a very inspirational video on her blog MarieMag.com.

    "When making this video I wanted to express myself and be as transparent as possible. My message is simple. If you have a dream, goal or ambition, strive for it. Don’t let anyone or anything stand in your way. If I would have let others dictate my life I would still be in Arkansas today. I moved to New York because I have a goal. Have I fully accomplished that goal? Not at all but I am definitely a lot closer.” -Candace Marie Stewart.

Thank you Candace for this very inspiring video. You influence me to continue to keep pushing for what I want to do. You didnt gve up on your dreams and worked so hard and for that I look up to you. Today is the last day of Black History Month and today I celebrate you! Much love and I wish continued success for you.

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