Feb 8, 2014


Jessica White the " Supermodel of our generation"  has graced runways in Milan to Paris, and has campaigns for Maybelline and so forth.

But it took strength, courage and spirituality to help her discover her own inner beauty.

The tattoos on Jessica White’s body read like self-affirmation mantras. “Heaven” is inked in Japanese on her left wrist. “Powerful” is written in Chinese characters on her right. Angel wings gracefully spread across her neck. The word “loyalty,” in Japanese, covers a birthmark on her slender left side. An Indian flower spreads across her lower back. “Beautiful” is scrawled in Arabic on her right foot. Her choice of virtues is telling – after all, the shapely beauty’s innocence was betrayed at a young age. The successful model has suffered through her own emotional hell, but now she’s spreading her wings, blossoming into a self-assured woman and creating her own reality. Jessica White is my favorite model because she relates to myself. Through all she has maintained grace and a powerful will. Thank you Jessica White for being comfortable in your skin. I celebrate you this Black History Month.

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