Mar 18, 2014

June Ambrose Has The Glow

   June Ambrose's adventures in motherhood are well documented throughout her very fun Instagram timeline with the coined hashtag: #RockMomChronicles. From dropping her son Chance, 10, and daughter Summer, 8, off at school to having them tag along to fashion shows as well. Chance is such the young gentlemen and Summer is so carefree and beautiful. I adore the relationship June has with her children. I admire how she has such a busy career but includes them in her work world. She even has time to prepare a home-cooked meal on most nights (see: #CookingChronicles).
The Glow, a site that profiles fashionable moms decided to capture June's radaint glow for its very first book, "The Glow, An Inspiring Guide to Stylish Motherhood. 

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