Apr 30, 2014

Love Apparatus

Taking your time with music isn't so common these days, in an era where being first is almost more coveted than being correct. Luckily the time seems to stand still for artists like Jesse Boykins III, who effectively channels past and future into now. If you are familiar with Boykins, you know about the Romantic Movement, a loose grouping of artists who have wrested 'romance' from the cold clutches of Corporate America.  His music is both cheerful and melancholy at the same time, the records represents the full spectrum of rediscovering and rebuilding love and yourself, all in under four minutes.  His ability to speak of human emotion and relationships is remarkable and refreshing in an era of mindless music.  

Since being a fan since Beauty Created I couldn't explain what his music does. A true talented artist in all forms and he perfects his craft on the daily. "Love Apparatus" His music is timeless.

Please take your time to support this moment by valuing the work put into this contribution to art culture with a simple purchase of #LoveApparatus on iTunes or Amazon.  Listen below and support! 


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