May 12, 2014

Cipriana Quann and T.K Wonder

    Beautiful twins Cipriana Quann of Urban Bush Babes and T.K Wonder a lyricist, songwriter, and singer always bring style. They both have very different styles but both rock their natural hair with so much flair. Cipriana says " I have been natural going on six years, while my twin has been natural for 11 years almost 12. The density between our hair is the same, but since my sister has been natural longer her length obviously doubles mine, though besides length, there is big difference between the density of our individual strands. Wait, didn’t I just mention density … yes, and I know it may sound redundant, but density of the strands as a whole versus the density of the individual strand is as extreme as day and night. 

After many years of trial and error, I am finally understanding the capabilities and limits of my hair. Following advice from your favorite naturalista can definitely help you along your journey, but remember your hair has its own distinct imprint and even as an identical twin, there is no exception to the rule. No matter what texture your hair is, it is yours and wear it the way you want to.

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