Jun 18, 2014

Olu & Ed

        “We’re in a rebellion against the whole concept of how a man should dress,” declares Olu, who, along with his best friend Ed, shatter black male style stereotypes with their biker jackets, drop-crotch jeans, treasured vintage coats, and attention to nuances like grey socks and cuffed trousers. They meet at Brooklyn’s Berkeley College, the two each grew up in rough, urban neighborhoods (Ed in Boston, Olu in the Bronx).

The best friends are committed to using clothes as a means to attaining personal freedom instead of something that creates a kind of social ghetto and the latest inert rebellion. “It was never looking in Vogue or Fantastic Man or whatever,” says Olu, about his early influences, “it was Dipset on BET, it was G-Unit on 106 & Park — these rappers showed us culture, and that’s what we try to bring to the awareness of what style really is. Olu and Ed are re-shaping the idea of how men should dress and standing firm. I love their style and love how innovative they are. They have a site called Street Level Culture.

Street level culture is a vessel that creates and cultivates ideas through the inaccessibility of art in our communities. We inspire personality by creatively motivating uniqueness through constant expression.
They foster a creative platform for artistic and cultural expression for artists looking to create meaningful content. Our services are an extension of our approach.

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