Jun 25, 2014

Trae Harris

Trae Harris is a dancer, actress, artist, vocalist and all around entertainer. She has been involved in a lot of short films and stage plays. I caught on to Trae after seeing hearing her on one of Jesse Boykins III songs. Trae’s tattoo of three indigo parallel bands around her wrist is a subtle yet potent symbol with multiple layers of significance. The number three is a “God number in Supreme Mathematics,” she says, and it signifies knowledge, wisdom and over-standing, “that ultimate ‘a-ha’ moment when you truly, fully see.” Trae got the tattoo to remind herself that the only way to get ahead in life is to delve within and gain full understanding. The tattoo symbolizes a rite of passage in manifesting her own destiny, which she feels is to travel, perform, and write. Her style is amazing and she is truly just her. See more of Trae here TRAE HARRIS


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