Jul 23, 2014

Navaz Batliwalla

Navaz Batliwalla is a freelance fashion stylist, content creator and creative consultant. She is also the writer of the fashion blog, Disneyrollergirl.net. She has one of the most influential fashion blogs in the UK. She started her fashion career as an assistant to stylist Caroline Baker before embarking on a freelance styling and journalism career. In 2001 she was headhunted for the role of fashion director of the UK launch of CosmoGIRL! Magazine. Six years later she started the anonymous fashion insider blog, Disneyrollergirl, observing the unseen side of the fashion business from her own unique perspective. I've been a fan of Navaz's work for a few years now and continues to evolve throughout the fashion industry.

Returning to the world of freelance in 2007, Navaz now combines blogging with freelance styling and writing commissions as well as creative consultancy for fashion and lifestyle brands.

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