Aug 22, 2014

Coralie Jouhier

 Coraline Jouhier is a  red head with rock star style. When you lay eyes on her, you can’t help but to stare. With her flaming red kinky hair that she loves to use as a prop and model with, she is very hard to miss. Coralie has an offbeat personal style and has become something of an indie darling, whether it is modeling for kooky online brands, underground artist of most recently appearing in LURVE for its all Black Issue. Coralie is a force behind the lens and it’s so exciting to see how much she embraces her kinky curls and natural hair. One of the nice things about Coralie is that she can easily slip into a softer and fun editorial as well as use her eyes as daggers in her serious, more focused photography.

Coralie is currently signed to Angels & Demons, an agency based in Paris, France. I've seen her everywhere and always thought she was so beautiful and very intriguing.

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