Mar 27, 2015

A Classic Man

  Wondaland Records, a new movement and recording label created by award-winning global superstar and visionary Janelle Monáe. Featuring an electrifying roster of artists Jidenna, Roman GianArthur, Deep Cotton, and St. Beauty. Janelle has truly built a platform for herself and now she is doing for her friends. Jidenna is a classic man hailing from many places like Wisconsin, Nigeria, Brooklyn, Atlanta and so much more. Jidenna carries himself with so much respect and poise.

" We don't dress this way because we think this is rich. This is not about rich at all. It's about the wealth of self, and representing your highest self. We dress this way because this is the way we feel inside. We feel this elegant, this funky, this swanky." -Jidenna.

Pure elegance that I love. It's not about trying to be or act rich. It's about carry ourselves with such diginity and respect to men and women. Take a look at Jidenna's new video "Classic Man ft Roman GianArthur." directed by Mr.Classic Man himself Alan Ferguson. The video is amazing and it feels like a family just having fun making music.


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