Mar 19, 2015

Mara Hruby

Meet Mara Hruby

Jazz standards from the 40s, 50s era would be so proud of her. Mara carries herself with so much grace and stays true to her super vintage style. The grace that Dorothy Dandridge carried in her days I see it in Mara. I'm so inspired by her. The  music speaks for itself with modern day jazz and soul. "Archaic Rapture will allow you to have a seat next to Hruby as she rides on an emotional roller coaster towards finding personal peace. With jazz numbers ranging from Frank Sinatra ("In the Wee Small Hours") to Barbra Streisand ("My Coloring Book") to Billie Holiday ("Gone With the Wind"). She is truly a gem and I need a collaboration with Esperanza Spalding soon. She did an interview with one of my favorites StyleLikeU last year that I watch all the time. See below the beauty.


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