Apr 20, 2015

How Miko & Titi Branch Reshaped Black Hair Care with Miss Jessie's

Sisters Titi and Miko Branch are the co-owners of mega hair care brand Miss Jessie’s. Two of the most important players in the growing natural-hair movement. They named their company after their paternal grandmother, Jessie Branch. The black hair-care market is $684 million and growing, with “natural the new normal,” according to research firm Mintel, which says black women are more likely to spend top dollars on their hair. Miss Jessie's was the first product I bought when I went natural. The lack of natural hair care products in the early 2000's inspired Titi and Miko to do something that would forever change their lives and the black hair care market. Recognizing a valuable opportunity to provide for this niche market, Titi and Miko, inspired by their grandmother's can-do attitude decided to perfect their own curly hair product creations and Miss Jessie's Products was born.

With products with delicious names like Baby ButterCreme and Curly Pudding. Today the company offers a range of products, from cleansers, conditioners and stylers to combs and T-shirts.Today, Miss Jessie's curly hair products are well-known throughout the hair care industry and are considered the leader in kinks, curly hair and waves.

It was like a must have product for anyone going natural and in that transition stage, I've learned to truly love my hair and thank Miss Jessie's for helping me along my journey. I've always loved my hair just didn't know the exact way to maintain it. As a black woman you know we go through many different phases with our hairs from relaxers, texturizers, extensions and so on. Our hair is so different in so many ways and first you must understand your texture. I love black hair because of its versatility. The fact that you can have long curly hair one day and the next day chop it all off is amazing to me. Our hair holds so much power because it evolves with us. Whatever hair texture you have its yours and you have to love it. Miko and Titi have built an amazing hair care brand with just a little love, passion and hard work. May the beautiful Titi Branch rest in peace.



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