Jun 23, 2015

EDITORIAL: Cleveland Summer is here


Photography: Judy Medina of Genesis 8 photography
Styled by: John Clement
Models: Richard Scott & Desmond Bufford

The idea that Cleveland, OH is made up of many culturally driven individuals would be a very accurate one. This city is immersed in a rich history of style and culture diversity. However, two prominent types of style perspectives dominate the Cleveland men's style scene. On one hand you have the extremely self aware individual who is into his streetwear labels, his skateboard brands, and has invested himself into the history and nostalgia of the sneakerhead culture. Then you have a man who is more inspired by the practical things in life. Thus making him more adaptive to clothes that are easily accessible and approachable. Art shows, movie premieres, concerts, and indulging in the delicacy known as Cleveland cuisine, is the ideal approach to this blue collar everyday man. The gilts and glamour doesn't do as much for him as much as the moment of inception does. You can see this type of man draped in everyday essentials of the utmost highest quality.

Enjoy our carefully curated editorial which gives our perspective of what summer in Cleveland looks like. Featured in our editorial are Supreme, Air Jordan, Ralph Lauren, John Elliot, Timberland, Christian Dior, Converse, and Vans just to name a few. 


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