Jul 20, 2015



 Richard has truly evolved into her own. Since being apart of mega girl group Danity Kane she has truly taken hold of her own career musically. "Blackheart" was released earlier this year in January and the album is a visual dream. From "Projection" to "Titan x James Dean" you can't get no artistic than that."Goldenheart" (2012) showcased her total freedom with which she writes her own songs and very much an independent artist. Now she is in the final era of her three-album trilogy dubbed the 'Red Era.' The upcoming LP, titled Redemptionheart will be coming soon. She is even working with one of my favorite singer-songwriters in the game Ester Dean. Thank you Dawn for always being you.

FACT TV recently sat down with Dawn the day after her show at London’s Jazz Cafe to get into the nitty gritty of Blackheart’s videos, how they reflect her evolution as a person and an artist, and the influence she’s taken from Missy Elliott, Janet Jackson and more. Check it out below.


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