Jul 8, 2015

The Girl Behind The Blog Part 2

I told you this wouldn't be the last time you saw me. I created Soho District five years ago with hopes in creating a place where inspiration thrived. Little did I know I learned more about myself through my blog. We don't have a guide to show us how to live our lives or who we should meet. One of my favorite books that I read all the time is "Produced By Faith" by Devon Franklin. He spins life into a movie script and talks about how we should be producing the movie of our lives. My generation right now is going through the Development Stages. We are working, connecting, investing in ourselves right now to make it to the Production Stages. The life we live is a story and we must have clarity in knowing what we want to do with our lives. What are we called to do here on earth? What is our purpose? That is the hardest question ever to ask yourself. I have no idea what my purpose is but I know what I love to do. So as we keep going with the flow we will fall into our purpose.

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