Nov 8, 2015

Beau Monde Society

Lilian Uwanyuze a radiant Rwandan model and artist is the muse for a beachside photo story shot by the Beau Monde Society, the New York City-based eco-focused fashion communications agency founded by Jennifer Nnamani in 2013. A Rwandan of both Hutu and Tutsi background, Uwanyuze knows to well about the moments of solitude by the beach during her childhood.Yet being  surrounded by the deadly chaos in Rwanda. She prevailed and followed her dreams in the US.

Beau Monde Society revolves around 3 key components: individuality, creativity, and most importantly, ethical responsibility.

The goal is to create a sustainable brand  through various mediums by fusing functional and creative ideas to carve a unique niche for our clients. Expertise includes creating/directing/styling fashion editorials, fashion production, strategic branding, and PR. BMS's mission is to fuse creativity with sustainability by "Challenging the Status Quo."

Beau Monde Society’s Wildflower Photo Credits 
Creative Director/Coordinator/Fashion Storyteller: Jennifer Nnamani of Beau Monde Society Photographer: Osose Oboh 
Makeup Artist & Hairstylist: Sameerah Hoddison 
Model/Muse: Lilian Uwanyuze.


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