Nov 29, 2015

Confidence Kick by Freddie Harrel

Meet Frédérique Harrel (aka Freddie) a 28-year-old stylist, blogger, and fashion marketing girl hailing from Paris, but based in London. Not only is Freddie busy doing digital marketing from fashion powerhouses like ASOS and Topshop she provides online consulting sessions.  She hosts various talks, public and corporate workshops around style and confidence, to empower women to embrace a deeper self-exploration of the hundreds of personalities that make them, to finally come out as their true-self.  SHE Unleashed is the destination for all things women empowerment. Every now and then we need a little confidence kick to get us out rut. As women we always think if we have little more here and there, then everything would be perfect. Life definitely doesn't move that way. Embrace your true self and love who you see in mirror looking back. Life is way too short to not be happy!


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