Dec 16, 2015


Kashmir Thompson is the creator of KASHMIR.VIII, an apparel, accessories and home goods line of products. Inspired by African American pop culture. The 25-year-old designer is "Martin" fan and is from Cleveland, Ohio but is based in Atlanta living out her dreams.

I recently came across Kashmir's designs online and immediately fell in love with her art. First off she's from Cleveland just like myself so I find that always inspiring to see other creatives from CLE. Kashmir.VII is a black pop culture brand with tons of artistic merchandise that hits home in every way for my culture.  Some of my favorite shows of all time are Martin, A Different World, and Girlfriends. They weren't just TV shows they were a black experience that was created to take us many places and in the process became Iconic shows. Her artistic style really brings those images to life in every form. She is bold beauty who has turned her passion into a business and I'm so inspired by that. KASHMIR.VIII is a business that I will definitely be supporting and can't wait to get so dope pieces.

                                                         Creator Kashmir Thompson

Connect with Kashmir on Twitter @KashmirVIII 

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