Dec 18, 2015

The Essence of Solange

Solange Knowles-Ferguson is one of a kind because of her audacity to be her most authentic self in fashion, career and life.

In life we are all inspired by someone when it comes to fashion, career and lifestyle. Solange is my muse period. I remember when I started Soho District back in 09 and it started off as a hobby now turned into a passion.

That time was when Solange cut all her hair off also and it gave me the most courage to have the audacity to be myself. Even when they said she dressed weird and was completely different from her sister. She was and she stepped out the norm and did her own thing. She is modern day hair and style icon who only continues to slay us. As I reflect on 2015 this was one a great year for authenticity. For 2016 will be the year of audacity to win.  To know that we are on this journey and that it will take us to where we aspire to be. Invest in yourself in 2016 and practice gratitude daily.

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