Jan 5, 2016

Creative Control: Bambi's Armoire by Tosha Eason

 Tosha Eason is a sleek style maven but she’s also an innovator in the ever-evolving world of fashion. From a creative director for an online fashion retail, stylist and accessories editor for online fashion magazine, Eighty & Six, to a successful fashion stylist.

Bambi's Armoire is where she blogs about her style and inspirations daily. Gain experience.  Grow your creative capabilities.  Use your imagination, and always be open to learning from different angles.  Tosha has an amazing eye for detail and it shows through her styling. She has been recommended by many fashion magazines like the Teen Vogue, Cinhte Magazine and Glamour with an amazing following on social media. Tosha understands that social media is everything when it comes to promoting yourself and your brand. She continuously working to expand her knowledge in the fashion industry. Keep working and keep learning about what ever your passionate about. Take online courses, study and perfect your craft. In the end always stay true to yourself and don't try to fit in anyone's box. 


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