Jan 26, 2016

Fit Inspo: Qimmah Russo

Qimmah Russo the 21-year-old fitness lover with over  600,000 Instagram followers. She's even teamed up with RSP Nutrition to help the supplement company spread the gospel of health, fitness, and good nutrition. Qimmah has found a fitness formula that has sculpted her own physique and inspires others as well. 

The sophomore guard on the basketball team at College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, California, carries a full academic load studying kinesiology and sociology, and yet she somehow finds time to commit to fitness.

Qimmah is very different from her peers she runs a fitness company, engage in personal-training services, and inspire thousands of others to actively engage in the fitness lifestyle. I started following Qimmah about two years ago and she instantly became Fit-Inspo for me. The way she carried herself through social media and how she branded herself was everything. She is body goals but that didn't come over night. She talks about her journey all the time and wants others to know hard work pays off. Consistency is my biggest thing and I've definitely gotten better with making time for what I want to achieve. We all need inspiration on the daily to get us through those hard bumps in the road and Qimmah certainly gives that. Follow Qimmah on Instagram @ QIMMAHRUSSO

                                                 Q-FLEX FITNESS

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