Jan 1, 2016

Good Vibes Only for 2016

Today marks Day 1 of 365 days of more life to live to the fullest.  This a fresh start to get things right or continue to grow in everything you want to achieve. A little motivation is always needed so I gathered a few notable quotes to get you feeling extraordinary. 

In essence, we find what we look for. When we look for all of the reasons life isn’t fair, we find them. When we look for opportunities to be grateful, we find those too. Keep a running tab of all of the things that bring you joy, make you chuckle or just make you feel good. Start a gratitude journal and write down three to five things you feel grateful for each day.

Life is complicated, but taking steps to improve yours doesn’t have to be. This is your year and don't be afraid to stand out. Do what you love and make your passion your career. Happy New Year loves and thank you for all the support over the past six years of starting Soho District.

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