Jan 22, 2016

The Evolution: How Pharrell's Style Changed The Game

Pharrell Williams has been a trendsetter since he first hit the scene. He has taken music to new levels, while managing to break down sartorial walls. Having his own clothing line, Billionaire Boys Club, has helped shape a lot of his style through the years. 


                                                          Bape Beginnings, 2003
Pharrell's rising star also afforded him more travel to Japan, where he became enamored with Harajuku streetwear brand A Bathing Ape (BAPE), and its founder, designer/DJ Nigo.

                                             BBCs And Ice Creams, 2004–2005
By the next year, Pharrell and Nigo had teamed up Stateside to start Billionaire Boys Club, a fairly standard streetwear line that took over instantly.


For his debut solo album, In My Mind, Pharrell was nominated for a Grammy, and for the first time he seemed to be growing up accordingly, ditching the sweatshirts for devastatingly handsome, red-carpet-ready suits.


 SpongeBob Obsession, 2008–Present
"I can say that probably for the last four years, I've been wearing SpongeBob toe socks," Pharrell told AskMen, but clearly it does not stop there: In eight years, Pharrell's obsession with the cartoon has extended into today.


Pharrell bundled up in one of his chicest looks yet: fur and a tux, formal but just ostentatious enough for the confident trendsetter he had become. In 2011 he was killing every formal event with just right accessories.

                                                           2012- Present 

Pharrell's eclectic style has long been influencing micro-movements in streetwear and beyond. Skateboard P's sartorial taste can never be described as unmemorable. He has matured his streetwear foundation into something structured and highly sophisticated. Life is all about change and Pharrell has evolved into a mastermind genius when it comes to fashion and music. His art will ascend into generations after generations. He changed the game by just being out there and doing something different. Now artist today look to him for guidance and inspiration. But he is nowhere near done yet.


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