Jan 18, 2016

The Smartista Beauty: How Bri Hall Is Taking Over YouTube

  Bri Hall aka Smartista Beauty is a Beauty & Fashion Vlogger with over 300k subscribers on YouTube. A fearless beauty who uses her platform to shine light on living your best life. With creative content catered to makeup, hair, and overall wellness.

It's no secret that YouTube has taken over the game in the last five years. Today you can simply go on YouTube and search any hair, makeup, gaming tutorial you want. It provides a platform for creative content creators to display their expertise in whatever industry they are passionate about. Bri Hall has been on Youtube for three years now and it's all about true personal growth. She has achieved a large amount of subscribers because of her authenticity in her work. An animation major with crazy skills that just show much she takes her time with her content.
Smartista Beauty found her niche in a clustered online community and is staying true to herself.  She can not only beat a face to the gods but promotes wellness in her channel to skin care and fitness. She has created a sisterhood of like minded people who only want to live their best life. Thank you Bri for the inspiration and let's keep glowing!



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