Feb 1, 2021

10 Black Women Who Revolutionized Fashion

Black women have always set trends and redefined the fashion game in every way. To celebrate Black History Month we shine a light on those Iconic Black Women who paved the way for black actresses, models, singers and performers. 

Dorothy Dandridge
The first African-American to be nominated for a Best Actress Academy Award, Dandridge starred in movies alongside Hollywood leading men like John Wayne and Harry Belafonte. Over the years, her fashion choices evolved from off-the-shoulder tops and strapless dresses to cropped pants and blouses. She is and forever will be my muse.

Josephine Baker
Baker became the first African-American woman to star in a major motion picture, Zouzou in 1934 (she became a citizen of France in 1937). Known for her daring costumes, Baker was a risk-taker in every way.

Eartha Kitt
Eartha Kitt was once called the most interesting woman in the world and she had the wardrobe to match. Her petite frame was always clad in glamorous gowns and ultra feminine silhouettes. 

   Diana Ross
Once the leader of The Supremes personified the disco movement through her fashion choices, which often included sequins, jumpsuits, capes and elaborate feathered headdress

 Naomi Sims
Credited as the first African-American supermodel, Sims made fashion history when she became the first black woman to land the cover of Ladies’ Home Journal in 1968. She later launched The Naomi Sims Collection, which started as a hugely popular line of affordable wigs for black women, and grew to include fragrance, cosmetics and multiple books on beauty and modeling.

The Somali-born model made her fashion-world debut in 1976 in Vogue. Almost two decades later in 1994, she started her own cosmetics company, creating hard-to-find shades for women of color.

Tina Turner
After a successful career in the '60s, Turner came back better than ever in the '80s. With a new look that included rocker hair and leg-baring minis, the "What's Love Got to Do With It" singer proved she's got staying power and star style.

Grace Jones
Grace Jones is the original carefree Black girl. With her striking features and uninhibited persona, Jones has made her mark on the fashion industry as the ultimate muse.

Diahann Carroll
After making history starring in the 1968 TV series Julie (marking the first time an African-American actress started in a show without playing a domestic worker), Carroll went on to star in Dynasty. Her look on the '80s soap was all sequins and fur, a style that suited the regal star.

Pam Grier
Known for playing bold, assertive characters—and the first African-American female to headline an action film—actress Pam Grier became a strong voice not only in the black community, but also for women in general. She epitomized '70s mod style.

All of these women have paved the way for black women who desire to do anything they want. I celebrate these ladies everyday and forever will. They will forever be important to African-American culture because of how they carried themselves through everything they went through to live their dreams.  The style these women had revolutionized black culture. To Diana Ross and all her glory in sequins and those effortless jumpsuits. Tina Turner and how she transformed performance wear for the likes of today's modern-day Icon Beyonce. To the super sultry Pam Grier who exuded power and adored her curves in every way.  In today's society we have come a long way but still have so far too go. I honor them everyday as a African American woman.

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