Feb 14, 2016

Influencer: LA based Designer Laina Rauma

Vancouver born, LA based designer Laina Rauma makes clothes for women who dress for mood and comfort. She's a hard working woman who is passionate about the work she creates and exudes confidence in every way.

  I certainly have a girl crush on Laina Rauma. She's one of those women that can motivate everything from my fashion to beauty. I always love to support women who are just doing their own thing and living out their dreams. Laina's brand exudes confidence and she does it all by modeling her own designs. Laina Rauma's designs are super sexy crop tops, swimwear, high waisted pants and leggings. You can find anything from sexy casual to sexy formal. With prices from $175 and under. Her authenticity is why I adore her and how she understands that only the designer can truly promote their work.

SHOP HERE and Follow Laina Rauma on Instagram & Twitter.

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