Feb 22, 2016

Jillian Hervey's Best Hair Moments

  Jillian Hervey the singer of the new wave soul group Lion Babe is giving hair envy all over the world. The duo’s front gal’s honey blonde lion-esque mane is just right and she rocks it like no other. This rising star has had some amazing hair moments that you have to see for yourself below.

Hair is surely an accessory for any artist but I haven't been this intrigued by someone's hair since Janelle Monae or Erykah Badu. Hair brings life and a statement for women that sometimes clothes just can't bring. The first thing people see when they see you is your hair, smile and clothes. Jillian switches up her sassy mane from time to time. One day she’s donning corkscrew curls and the next she’s opting for soft and voluminous beach waves the next. That is the beauty of black women's hair. Lion Babe is set to release their debut album later this year. Jillian is certainly on my muse list for 2016.

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