Feb 16, 2016

Soho Style: Confusing Beautiful Morning

You ever wake up one day and have complete optimism in success to be attained? Yeah me too, sometimes. But that success isn't acquired without some sort of trial or tribulation that circumstances create for each and every journey. Sometimes you don't ever know what to expect and must be open to the possibility of any chain reaction life throws at you. It is indeed a roller coaster. However, we're each equipped mentally to overcome any and all obstacles. In the midst of all this confusion, we must stay true to who we are as individuals. It is our own selves that we must ultimately conquer in order to grow into the individual we'll eventually serve purpose to be. Hit the jump for a detailed look into what a El NiƱo winter looks and feels like on this confusing beautiful morning.

Shot By: Judy Medina

Styled By: Junior IV

Locale: Unknown

Brands: Gap, Vans



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