Feb 23, 2016

Soho Style: The Darkness

"Herein lies a hopeful thought. Darkness will never take the place of light." -John IV

Shot ByJudy Medina

Styled ByJunior IV


BrandsFear of GodStampd LA, Adidas, Uniqlo

The constant social media gazing. The mid-20's life crisis. Wondering "will I ever be good enough?". All of these subliminal mental hiccups contribute to us taking so many things in our lives for granted. Why though you ask? Because that's what distractions do. They help us lose focus and sight of what's most important. I call these distractions; 'the darkness'. So many of these distractions come in the form of, instagram, facebook and snapchat, just to name a few mediums. They continue to muck up our lives mentally along with creating a false sense of entitlement. With this we lose sight of 'the light' within our selves. The light signifies our ultimate goal in life whether that be our ideal lifestyle or ideal career path. The darkness is meant to cloud our judgement in pursuit of that, altering our focus from the gleaming light of fruition we each see our future apart of. Success, accolades, and legacy; these are the milestones we all strive for in the manner of greatness. We naturally want to be the indisputable best in our own respective crafts. However, in today's world of distractions, the milestones become more increasingly difficult to focus on and attain. Therefore we must do all we can to realize with each passing hour and every approaching hour, nothing is greater than the present we're all apart of right now.

So I say this out of experience and out of love. Do not let 'the darkness' cloud your route to the light.



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