Mar 27, 2016

K.Michelle Has More Issues Than Vogue

 K. Michelle has powerhouse vocals that are truly undeniable. With her third studio album, More Issues Than Vogue, she brings so much soul and spills all her truth in this album.

An extremely talented singer, songwriter, musician who holds her own. K.Michelle has been known for her entertaining antics on Love & Hip Hop and fearless attitude but she has delivered when it came to her music. She doesn't hold back and really sings about what truly goes on her life with no make-up on it. Rebellious Soul introduced us to her talent then Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart flourished her as a true vocalist. Now with More Issues Than Vogue which I have on replay is like a masterpiece for all woman. The Memphis songstress flipped the script on her sound, blending ballads and even country into her repertoire. With everything she has been through she remains powerful and never stops fighting for her dream in music.


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