Mar 31, 2016

Serayah Shines On The Cover Of Rolling Out Magazine

Serayah is shining on the cover of Rolling Out Magazine's latest issue with a whole new meaning to being yourself and grinding for your dreams.

In the April issue Serayah chats about how life was really tough before the show, how she felt when she heard Beyoncé was a fan of Empire, plus how she plans on taking over with her rising music career. The ravishing beauty who captivated our attention as Tiana Brown on Empire has been on a steady grind. With a recently announced CoverGirl deal completed, as well as the ink drying on a new record contract with Sony Music things are only moving for her. Even though we all know life is not easy at all.

"It was a struggle. To be honest, I didn’t even have a place to stay when I was auditioning for “Empire.” Literally, after we shot the first couple of episodes, I took my first check, and finally was able to rent an apartment. But that was my journey. I was going to school, and I was working at H&M, and it was a grind. But I truly feel that when you’re at your lowest, that’s when God can truly come in and bless you. " -Serayah

The journey is hard and patience is a virtue. I love Serayah and I'm so excited to watch her journey and hear music from her soon. For any who is currently at a stand still in their life and often feel things just aren't going right just keep staying focused. With social media today we often feel like we have to keep up and make ourselves look a certain way but we all go through it and we can't hide that. Just understand that if your surround yourself with positive ambitious people you will to become that. Don't ever let anyone tell you your dream is invalid.  My motto Live Life Abundantly.


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